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100% Disk Active Time


Hi, a question.

I am running drivepool on a Windows 10 machine. Used for many years on various machines, this is only a month or long install so far. I don’t change any settings from standard, no plugins or anything. I do also run scanner together with drivepool on the machine. I am encountering a problem with 1 drive a Seagate 14tb Ironwolf Pro. It is 1 month old, stablebit scanner reports no surface problems and no current smart warnings, it is worth mentioning I guess surface was last scanned 29 days ago. Additionally all checks from Seagate tools reports no problems / all passes including the long test which just took 24 hours to complete. So right now I think the drive is OK.

When I read from the pool, everything is fine. I actually just brought another of these drives and I am currently copying the problem drives poolpart folder to this new drive to keep the data safe. I am doing this manually via Windows Explorer not any function of drive pool. It is copying happy at expected speeds 200mbs no issues.

But what has lead me here.. all of a sudden 2 days ago I started getting the PC start grinding to a halt. When I try to write to the pool (contains 3 disks), the write starts then grinds to a complete halt. In task manager it is reporting this drive as Active Time = 100%, response time is going sky high, but there is no meaningful read / write speed reported? Its solid 100% constant active but its not writing anything. It only seems to happen on this drive.

I’ve gone through some various ‘fixes’ reported around the net by Microsoft MVPs like power management, manually assigning page sizes and the system drive (not a pool drive) but its not helping. The only thing I have yet to try is chkdisk which I am waiting until I have the backup complete incase it causes data loss.

I guess I’d figure I’d ask here if Drivepool could be playing any part here as all the responses to drive issues you find on the net are I would imagine without this drivepool software layer. I am assuming its interacting with write requests to the pool in some way Windows wouldnt without it installed perhaps. Any thoughts??


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I imagine should also state that I am on Drivepool v and scanner (which just said it has an update) v I have confirmed the drive is not being scanned by scanner when the problem is manifesting. No antivirus software other than whatever comes with Windows 10 as standard.

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Ignore Task Manager.  100% means 100% compared to the activity over the last 30-60 seconds.  This could be 1GB/s, or 1B/s, because of this.  So it's a VERY bad measure of activity. 

Using something that reports both speed *and* disk queue length.  The Windows Resource monitor (run "resmon"), or even StableBit Scanner will show you a MUCH more reliable status of the drives. 

From there, if it's grinding to a halt, then open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact so we can help you more directly, which may require private information. 

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