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Is it OK to Read & Write directly to DP virtual drive from Server?



Just a quick question here, I promise. :D

Basis:  I do not operate my Server headless. When I am logged onto the Server directly as Administrator, in File Explorer, in the Navigation pane, I can see my ‘Local Disk C:’ Drive and the (2nd partition) ‘Local Disk D:’ drive like when I log onto any other PC. BUT, I can ALSO see another drive that seems to have been created by DrivePool. I am assuming it is a "Virtual" Pooled Drive. In my case it is named the ‘Local Disk S:’ Drive. There are only 3 folders in the ‘S:’ drive: the ‘Recycle’ Folder, the ‘System Volume Information’ Folder and a Folder named ‘ServerFolders’. I can open ‘ServerFolders’ from Explorer and I can see all the Server Shares or Folders. Until recently, I have left this ‘S:’ Drive alone thinking it was something I shouldn’t mess with directly. Recently however, I have experimented with Reading and Writing to Folders in those Shares with no apparent problems. Doing it this way seems to bypass the network and feels significantly faster that doing the same operations from another PC accessing the shares over the network. When I setup Macrium Reflect to backup images of my Server Hard Drive (C: & D: ), I set Reflect to write the backup images directly to the assigned Folder and it seems to be working perfectly.

My question is this:  Is it safe, advisable or doesn’t matter to Read, Write and Move files around my shares by accessing them this way directly from the Server and not through the Network? Am I causing any problems or issues with DrivePool or my data by doing it like this?

Thanks everyone!


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