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Slow "Copy" transfer rate?


I'm having trouble understanding this.. I have an NVME with insane read/write speeds, but when I copy a file to the Cloud Drive it's my understanding that the following happens:

  • File gets copied to local cache
  • File must be copied in its entirety for anything else to happen
  • File then gets encrypted/broken into chunks
  • File gets uploaded?

I'm not sure if these are the correct order of steps

But if the first step is the case, and I'm copying a file to the local cache first..why is it so slow?

The transfer rate is 30 MBs from my disk to local cache..but my NVME is 3200 MB/s Read, 1900 MB/s Write..so what gives?

What possible justification is there for this slow transfer speed if it's not even uploading yet.

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I'm experiencing the same issue. I tried all the combinations of copy in order to understand the bottleneck and I found that the problem is in the copy to CloudDrive drive.


Here same results:

Copy from external HDD to internal HDD (the same of the cache) = 100-80 MB/s

Copy from internal HDD to the same HDD (another folder) = 100-80 MB/s

Copy from external HDD to CloudDrive = copy begins with 40MB/s and after X seconds drops to 720/311 KB/s

Copy from internal HDD to CloudDrive (same HDD) = copy begins with 40MB/s and after X seconds drops to 720/311 KB/s

Internal HDD info:

HDD Space: 2 TB (in combination with Intel Optane Memory 16GB)

Free space: 1.7 TB

CloudDrive info:

Provider: Google Drive

HDD size: 50TB

Cache: 250GB expandable

Used cache: 50GB

Dimension of copied file: 50-60-70 GB

Upload paused.


I also noticed that during the copy the use of HDD and CloudDrive is always 100% even if the write speed is 300KB/s. If I stop the copy, the percent drops to 5/10%.


I attached a screen of the copy execution...


Any ideas? Thanks.


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the driver where the cache is located is a Seagate Barracuda 2.5” 2TB SATAIII (the main Windows driver). It is in a sort of “RAID” with the Intel Optane Memory. My system is a Intel Nuc 7th i5. 

I made some other test in the last days. I copied some file of 20/30 GB without any issue with an empty cache. Moreover, when the copy is 40/50 MB/s, the use of HDD is lower than 100% (about 80/85). But, when the copy issue occurs, the percentage is always 100 and the entire system becomes very slow...

Let me know if you need other info.


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This issue seems like it isn't going anywhere, but I have some anecdotal data if it helps at all.

I have recently shifted my server from a SuperMicro whitebox to a Dell R720. By shifted I mean I swapped over the CPUs, storage drives and boot drive without reinstalling Server 2016, so it's essentially the same machine with a motherboard and HBA swap. I'm now getting ~40MB/sec copy to the CloudDrive cache rather than the ~30 I was getting on the previous machine. I don't think any strong conclusions can be drawn as to why I'm seeing slightly better transfer speeds, but I'd hazard a guess that it has to do with the storage controller and/or motherboard change. I was using an H200 in the old box, and I've got an H310 (PCIe) in the new box; both are running IT firmware.

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@Digmarx It may specifically be that the "new" HBA is better about caching random IO operations.  That would definitely increase the speeds. 

But if you're still having issues, then please do open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact if you haven't already. 

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