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starting over?


Ok so I had a pool giving the false drive missing.. anyway I messed around so much it is a total mess.


I had a pool letter H. I removed 2 drives and formatted them and made a pool letter I


anyway.. I have all my files backed up on another computer but also a backup on I.


What I need to know is..


how do I get rid of H as I am having errors removing a drive in the pool. It is telling me access denied.


would it be easier for me to uninstall stablebit and format all drives then create a new pool? Oh also upgrade stablebit as I am still on the 2.1 with issues.


looking for direction.


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Resetting the settings should really fix this issue.  


Old pool information is stored in the settings store, and is what triggers this. 


However, upgrading to the public beta build ( should also fix this, as there is some better handling of the affected data. 





As for removing the drive, is this an "Access denied" or a "File in use" error?

Either way, have you tried running the "Force Damaged Disk" removal option?  This may skip the problem files, and let you remove the pool. 

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