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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I am receiving a Recycle Bin Corrupted error for my DrivePool and I recently had the same issue on a few individual drives in an external enclosure. When I replied "Yes" to allow Windows to correct the errors on the external drives which were in a MediaSonic enclosure, it effectively deleted all of the files and I was not able to recover. Since this happened a few days ago, I am reluctant to allow Windows to repair the DrivePool Recycle Bin and I replied "No" for the moment. I am reaching out to this audience for any advice on this issue. The computer has been operating essent
  2. Hi im using Windows 10 2004 with WSL2. I have 3x drives: C:\ (SSD), E:\ (NVME), D:\ (Drivepool of 2x 4TB HDD) When the drives are mounted on Ubuntu, I can run ls -al and it shows all the files and folders on C and E drives. This is not possible on D When I run ls -al on D, it returns 0 results. But I can cd into the directories in D stragely enough. Is this an issue with drivepool being mounted? Seems like it is the only logical difference (aside from it being mechanical) between the other drives. They are all NTFS.
  3. I saw many post are talking about 3-6 drives, but i can't find a post that are talking about 100 10TB drives. I am trying to crate a 1PB drive in drive pool, is that mean I need an other 1PB drive pool for parity, or I set 100 drives as data drive at snap raid? If i set 100 drives as data drive at snap raid do i need a 1PB drive too or how big should the parity drive size be. Is there anyway to do software raid 5?(not windows raid5)
  4. So last night I moved my server into a new chassis and when I powered up the machine, everything worked fine... When I started up drivepool, the drivepool shows that half the pool is used (it's supposed to be 80%) and my plex server can't find the files, even though they're there in folders... Is there a way to tell drivepool to completely rescan the disks and rebuild?
  5. I made the mistake of allowing Windows to update last night. When I got up this morning one of my disks said it was missing from my Drivepool. I had no previous issues or errors with this drive. I tried to bring up Scanner but it said I needed to enter a license. I entered my license code and it said it was accepted, but didn't change. I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do about the license. I noted that both Drivepool and Scanner have updates, but I didn't get any prompt to download/install updates or anything. As for the drive, it looks like the partition info is corrupt. I
  6. Hi team, I have just had another let down with my WHS 2011 HP Proliant home server and am over it. I of course run DrivePool on the box but now that the OS SSD is failing to boot I want to know if I can install Windows 10 Pro as the OS and then recover all of my drive pool data? My plan would be to disconnect all of the data pool HDD (x 4), install Windows 10 Pro to the OS SSD and then install Drive Pool (assuming that the version for WHS that I purchased will also allow me to use it on Win 10) and then hopefully reconnect all of my data HDDs, reboot and watch the magic happen as DP
  7. First, let me say I searched this forum for 'KB2267602' and did not see any results. Issue: Windows Update KB2267602 fails to install and Windows Defender cannot run. It appears as though Covecube is aware of this issue based on the following comment in this code change: Is there an update to when this issue will be addressed? I don't like having Windows Defender unable to run on my PC, and it seems like Windows Update has stopped searching for new updates as well. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I've been having a few BSODs recently caused by DrivePool. I'm running the latest Windows 10 creators' update, v10.0.16299 - I believe this only started happening after I updated to it. DrivePool is v2.2.0.852. In this instance I was working on my work PC over remote desktop, saved a file into my DropBox folder which synced it back to my PC (located on my pool) , and it instantly crashed ntfs.sys. I also had this the other week when I was trying to save an excel file locally on my desktop (also located on my pool). If I move my DropBox folder outside my pool it works fine.
  9. Hi there! I wanted to inquire about the process about potentially upgrading/migrating my server from Windows Home Server 2011 to Windows 10. I'm very happy with how the StableBit products have been working with WHS2011, it has been a great Steam Mirror/Plex/File backup server for me and all of my files are protected! However with the home server product line being discontinued and as I look towards the future, I think I may want to be proactive rather than reactive about keeping my HTPC updated and secure. Also now that the server edition prices are much higher, I feel like I don't real
  10. https://www.theverge.com/2017/6/5/15739192/microsoft-windows-10-pro-for-workstations-advanced-pcs-features In a leaked slide, Microsoft describes the edition as “Windows 10 Pro for Workstation†with four main capabilities: Workstation mode: Microsoft plans to optimize the OS by identifying “typical compute and graphics intensive workloads†to provide peak performance and reliability when Workstation mode is enabled. Resilient file system: Microsoft’s file system successor to NTFS, dubbed ReFS, is enabled in this new version, with support for fault-tolerance, optimized for large
  11. Hi, So, I went to bed last night and everything was working fine (as it has done for a long time). I woke up this morning and found I couldn't put new files into a folder... weird! Let's try another folder... no. Well, to cut a very long story short I cannot: - Add files to any folder in my drivepool. - Add new folder to my drivepool. - Move/Delete/Edit any existing file in my drivepool. The 'owner' is now a string of random letters and numbers (note, I have made no changes to Windows 10, not changed my account or tried to change any permissions before this issue arose). This only appl
  12. Microsoft has finally, in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, "fixed" the limitation of 260 characters for the file path Before i enable this does StableBit already support this or perhaps will in the future as an application has to explicitly support it for it to work? Quote Article http://winaero.com/b...-in-windows-10/
  13. Was wondering how Drivepool deals with the Recycle Bin - having just created a pool of 16TB - windows decided it needed a 800gb+ recycle bin! My question is how is the bin distributed across the pool - each drive gets its proportion? I assume its not duplicated? Windows thinks its one recycle bin but if i had a drive failure could some of the "deleted" files be in part of the bin on that drive and be "lost" so trying to recover a file out of the recycle bin after the drive is removed would not be possible? Also adding a ssd cache would that also have part of the recycle bin as
  14. Very handy and useful for debugging and error reporting, comes in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. http://www.thewindowsclub.com/stordiag-exe-storage-diagnostic-tool
  15. Has anyone used Drivepool with the Windows 10 preview? I have a very large pool (24 drives ~ 80TB). I semi-annually do a clean install and am contemplating doing a Win10 preview install. I'm curious if Drivepool is compatible.
  16. Hello: I have been luvin' my DrivePool + Scanner for years. Coming from an old WHS 2008 and multiple Linux-based distros, I finally found a nice stable home at StableBit! I am currently running them on a W2K12 box (that's Windows Server 2012, non-R2). It's time for an upgrade next year... I was wondering if you guys have downloaded the Windows Server 10 Preview and tested it's compatibility with Scanner + DrivePool. It's not a deal breaker as I can set up a new W2K12R2 box. But, would prefer to move to Windows Server 10 when it is released later in 2015. Thanks!
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