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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I have the Stablebit Scanner for over a year and I really like it . Last week I changed my backup HDD to a bigger size when I noticed a strange bug. The HDD is a Samsung Spinpoint M8 1TB and it has a standby time of a few seconds (when I check "automatic stanby" in the disk control menu). The normal standy timer seams to have no effect. Although I checked "Do not query if the disk has spun down", I heard the starting of the HDD motor every minute! The Power option only changes between "Standby" and "Active" when I enable "Query power mode directly from disk", but then there is an access every 10 seconds from the scanner and so the HDD starts every 10 seconds.... .Also enabling the option "do not query SMART" for the HDD does not prevent the HDD from starting. I can now thottle the SMART queries to 60 minutes and/or make the HDD 24/7 without standby, but because it is just a backup HDD which makes a backup every day for 30min, both things don't seam right. Is there an option I have overseen? Thanks in advance! Regards, Wonderwhy
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