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Found 29 results

  1. Hi, In the Scanner features it outlines file recovery: File RecoveryOnce a damaged file is identified by the file system aware scan, you can attempt recovery of that file. * File recovery supports uncompressed and unencrypted NTFS files. Partial file recovery works by reassembling what's left of the file to a known good location on another disk. An optional, full file recovery step is attempted by reading each unreadable sector multiple times, while sending the drive head through a pre-programmed set of head motion profiles. This has the effect of varying the direction and the velocity of the drive's head right before reading the unreadable sector, increasing the chance of one last successful read. * File recovery is not guaranteed by any means, but stands a good chance of at least partially recovering a damaged file. My DrivePool disks are encrypted with Bitlocker then added to the Pool. Is the implied behavior of File recovery not support repairs on Bitlocker volumes? 2. Is there any form of checksumming done by the scanner or the DrivePool soft? Basically a "poor mans" next gen file system feature? 3. (How) Does DrivePool and Scanner protect against so called "bit rot" or a flipped bit, especially when duplication is enabled (in theory that would allow a copy from known good copy, based on say checksum)? thank you, ~v
  2. I am running Scanner 2.5.2968 on Windows 7 64-bit. I have 3 hard drives. Two of the three have all of the sectors scanned followed by a file health scan without any issues. My third 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black drive passes the sector scanning portion, but the file health scan is never performed. I have verified the checkbox next to Check file system is checked. I have manually rechecked the drive twice, and the file health scan still shows as Unchecked. Any ideas what is going on and how to fix the file health scan? Thanks.
  3. gtechwi

    Submit to BitFlock

    Hello, I am using the StableBit Scanner, and it has already proved itself useful, in sending out an email alerting of a failed drive. I have a question about the checkbox to submit to BitFlock for analysis. This is in the SMART details...I have the checkbox ticked, and it says "(submitting in a few minutes)" This message never clears. Can you assist with this? The only thing I can think of on my end is...I am using a web DNS filtering service, is it possible the the URL for BitFlock submission is being blocked? Or something else? Thanks
  4. gwtony

    Thank you, it works!

    I have stablebit scanner installed, along with server smart to evaluate hard drive health. Drive pool is also installed, and there are 3 hard drives in my pool. I mapped 2 of the DrivePool folders to my workstations, and use those folders all the time (one holds all my photos, the other holds all my videos). The other day I received a warning on the dashboard along with an email about one of the drives parking too many times which indicates a possible failure. This warning was only send from Scanner, not from server smart, so I looked into it and the drive seemed to be OK as far as performance, I thought maybe this Scanner is just a little too sensitive to some sort of reading because server smart had all check marks and did not show anything wrong with the drive. Needless to say, the drive failed about a month later. Not only did the one product prove to be a great value (Scanner), but the second product saved my data due to me not listening to Scanner’s warnings. Drive pool showed the drive as missing after it failed, I chose the remove drive option, and suffered no loss of any data. The remaining 2 drives balanced out and all is good. I just wanted to post this little story and to thank the team that has created and continues to support these products. I also feel that this post will help others decide to put faith into the product and have some piece of mind that their data is safe with proper use of the software. Thank YOU!
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