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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I apologize if this is too general or not the right place to post this, but I havent been able to find an answer thus far, so Im posting this in the hopes I can get the answers without testing myself. I currently have quite a few hard drives in a jbod collection. What I hope to do is have one pool of 15TB of in use drives, combined with a total of 28TB in new storage where I can have a pool of 21tb in always on drives backing up periodically to a pool of 22tb TBD drives which would be either for file duplication in a raid 1 fashion or backup. What Im unsure of is how I can accomplish this with Drive pool. I imagine I would create the first always on pool, then create the second one, simply turning off and disconnecting all the drives it uses when finished backing up then plugging them back in to refresh said backup. What Im hoping would be the case is that in the event of a failure, I would be able to see what files and folders where on the failed drives and restore them from the backup. hopefully automatically without disturbing anything else. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Separately to that as it seems I can't test it on some usb drives I have lying around (can usb flash drives work?!), I would love to know how granular the pooling system is. Say for instance, I have 1000 folders differently named and filled with multiple files, can I then set Drive pool to only move around folders with certain attributes keeping all their child files and perhaps folders within? The way that would practically work, is that upon placing a new file into a folder, instead of rebalancing the location of the file based on size, the whole folder would be moved. Reading through the documentation in the form of the FAQ I cant seem to find a way to accomplish this, which would be great for restoring from backups in the case of a drive failure or accidental deletion. File Placement options seems very close to but just short of this unless Im missing a way to configure it to act this way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional information: I plan to be filling some sort of external multi bay usb enclosure to hold the additional drives for my windows 10 computer using the Stablebit DrivePool and Scanner to manage all of the drives.
  2. I just purchased the combo pack and absolutely love the software, great work! I currently have one pool that consists of two 3TB Hard drives I am looking at adding 2 more 3TB hard drives in the near future. This pool is used for my Media and I am fearful of losing my data. My question is I want to be able to create a second pool that will make duplicate the data from the first pool. Is there a way to do this that is built into DrivePool? I have already thought about if there wasnt I could always set up a batch job to be done to do this for me but I really would like something more integrated within DrivePool to handle this task.
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