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  1. It will be great! Is there any estimated date for the stable version?
  2. Yes, I've seen that the "pool of pools" feature is available in v2.2 (currently in beta). This will be great and should be a solution to the issue I posted! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your reply, but how can I do that? A pool does not appear as a candidate to be added to another pool. I don't think that it's possible in Drivepool to create pools of pools...
  4. Hello, I'd like to know if it is possible to configure file placement to be able to duplicate files in disks belonging to different controllers (or, in general, in different groups of disks), in order to protect ourselves from controller problems. I have 14 disks, 7 in one controller and 7 in another one. One of the controllers failed last week and destroyed all the information of its disks… If the files were duplicated with copies on disks pertaining to different controllers, all the information would have been available. Thanks in advance.
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