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  1. Hi, I did everything in Q8964978B but then I installed 3103 which had always worked for me. It seems to be working fine. I'll let you know if it breaks. I think there is something post 3156 that is causing this problem. I had gone to 3156 to get the NVMe warnings and then to 3175 to get the ignore (this is where the scanner service not starting began) and then to 3178 to try and fix it. thanks, -tom
  2. It's already doing it again. I rebooted for today's patch Tuesday update and it started again. I don't understand why it thinks it needs data from the remote computer. I only have scanner installed on one computer and I manage it from that computer. I've always had remote management turned off. Maybe I should go back to That worked fine for a long time. thanks, tom
  3. net stop ScannerService Scanner not started Delete everything in C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner. Delete everything in %AppData%\Roaming\StableBit Scanner. After this step, scanner immediately came back without rebooting the system
  4. After restarting the system, I go through the original set of screens above.
  5. A similar problem is back. After I installed 3178 everything worked and scanner scanned all my disks. I don't open scanner very often but when I opened it today (the first time since it was fixed) I see this.
  6. tomb10

    Folder Encryption

    Hi, I'm using DrivePool with Pool file duplication. I'd like to encrypt certain folders before I sync them with Google Drive. I don't want to encrypt the entire drive ( I use bitlocker on my system drive but not on my drivepools). Is there any problem using something like Folder Lock or AxCrypt on folders in a pool? thanks, -tom
  7. I had already uninstalled scanner. I deleted the folders per the article above and installed the 3178 beta. It's working now. Sorry I can't say whether it was the reset or the newer beta that fixed the problem. thanks, tom
  8. Scanner take 50 sec or so trying to connect to the service, then tries to start the service. Then I get this message. I don't know why scanner thinks this is a remote computer. This was working fine. I just noticed it today when I tried to start scanner but it could have started a few days ago. I think I was running beta 3166 or 3168. Rebooting didn't help. I uninstalled and then installed 3175 beta but the problem is still there. The only thing that has changed in the last few days was on 5/18. KB4103729 was installed which updated Windows 10 to 1709 build 16299.431. thanks,
  9. Hi, Thanks for the update. No hurry on clearing the warnings. It's a beta so I just wanted to provide feedback on the new feature. As far as RMAing, I'm not sure. Samsung Magician shows the same data, Media Errors 0xc but it stills lists the drive condition as Good. Unfortunately, the NVMe health data doesn't have a Status field like their SATA SSDs SMART data so I can't see what they think about the individual data fields. I also can't find any info in the Internet about this error. Scanner scans the entire disk as defect free, not sure if blocks with these errors have been ma
  10. No, I don't see one.
  11. Thought I was in the Scanner forum. Sorry. Please move.
  12. Hi, I've installed Scanner v. Beta to get NVMe health warnings. My Samsung SSD 960 EVO has 12 Media and Data Integrity Errors. Scanner notifies me of this. The problem is that I can't dismiss this notification. Scanner keeps notifying me even though the error count is not increasing. I think what should happen is that Scanner notifies me of the error, I acknowledge the error, and then scanner does not notify me again unless the error count increases or another error occurs. thanks, -tom
  13. I'm getting this same same ntfs.sys crash on 1709. If I save a file with Excel 2010 back to the drivepool it crashes. I can save to the raw drive, I can even save to a different filename on the drivepool, but if I save back to the same filename I opened it crashes. For some reason, my ability to roll back was gone so I reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch. I installed just Drivepool and Office 2010 and as soon as I upgraded to the Fall Creators Update (1709 16299.19) I got the same crash. I've now rolled back to the Creators Update from March (1703 15063.674) and this no longer happens.
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