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  1. I currently have 2 pools (Drivepool) and (Cloudpool) Drivepool = Several Physical disks Cloudpool = Drivepool + 100TB Cloud drive The main pool (local) that has all the data files is (Drivepool) currently has 12 physical disks attached to it. There are a couple of folders that I have duplicated in the pool so that there are local copies of critical files if a drive fails. The (Cloudpool) pool is 1 100TB gdrive on a business account. This is just for mirroring the local pool Drivepool in a 2x duplication. My question is: If a physical drive fails in the (Drivepool) drive what happens to the Cloudpool data? as this should be mirrored by the (Cloudpool) pool My thought is that I would just need to replace the failed physical drive in the (Drivepool) pool and then the duplication process would copy the missing files from the cloud and re-duplicate them
  2. I have rebooted my server (S2008 R2) and the message in the Drivepool window is :"Drivepool starting..." it sits there for a very long time (+20mins) and never loads. I tried to restart the service, no luck. I have tried to repair the install... no luck. I have uninstalled it and now I am trying to install the beta release and is it sitting at about 25% and has been for about 30mins.. Am I missing something? All drives are fine and the server is running fine. Just not Drivepool I have attached a screenshot of the log info...
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