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  1. Thanks for the reply. Is there a plugin that I can use to change this behavior?
  2. I've been using DP for a few years now along side Snapraid. Recently I started upgrading my drives from 4TB to 10TB. I changed out my first data drive to 10TB last month and have noticed that DP, even though told to equalize space by percent used, continually tries to place new files to the 10TB drive even though that drive is more full than the rest based on percent used. It will drive it down to less than 8% free space until I have to force Automatic Balancing to correct it, while the rest of the 4TB drives are at 11.5% free space. I do not have Automatic Balancing enabled, but rather use the plugins for new file placement. If I do nothing else, but enable Automatic balancing, it redistributes the files to make all drives equal in space used, which is about 88.5%, which is correct. I've tried changing the settings to percent of free space remaining with the Disk Space Equalizer plugin and that had no effect. Currently the 10TB drive has 89.2% used, while the remaining 4TB drives are sitting at 88.4% used. Every morning my report shows all new files going to the 10TB drive. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
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