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  1. A little more detail: When I changed the Scanner Service to manual start, I waited varying times, up to 15 minutes to start it after reboot. I then saw the errors in the Event Viewer a few seconds after Scanner Service started. When I rebooted and ran for an extended time without starting the Scanner Service, I did not see the error. I suggest you reboot a Windows 10 system, locate the Scanner Service startup notification and see what events follow shortly. Per Microsoft, BITS can be used by apps for data transfers, not limited to Windows Update. Scanner Service could be triggering a BITS API call to check for available updates, etc.
  2. I have noticed that shortly after StableBit Scanner Service starts I frequently get a warning from PerfLib for "BITS" followed by an Error from PerfLib for sysmain.dll. This quite reliable. You can see them in sequence in the Application Event Viewer. This is on all my Windows 10 computers with StableBit installed. I have one Windows 10 computer without StableBit, and I never see that warning and error sequence. I changed the Scanner Service to manual start for testing and the warning and error still occur right after I start the service. The services related to BITS and sysmain are running and querying their counters using PowerShell works, so I think the Scanner Service is doing something not quite right during initialization
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