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  1. I don't think the SSD Optimizer works that way. When it hits the trigger point and flushes data, it appears to flush all the data in the cache. There is nothing left in the cache after the flush. I think there are some SSDs with learning software that will keep your most used programs/data on the SSD. Those are typically system SSDs. The DrivePool SSD Optimizer is not designed for keeping your most used files on the SSD. However, DrivePool can use your SSD as both a pool drive and a system drive. You could simply install the programs and/or put those files you use most often directly on the SSD and not as part of DrivePool. For example, my DrivePool SSD is drive Z:. I can install, store, or locate any files I want on my Z: drive as normal, or I can also use that SSD in DrivePool which adds the hidden DrivePool PoolPart directory on my Z: drive. One of the big advantages to DrivePool over other systems such as RAID or Windows Storage Spaces is that you are able to add and use an existing drive to DrivePool and, at the same time, also use that drive normally on your system. My older RAID and Storage Spaces took full control over my drives and those pool drives could not be used for anything else.
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