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I see duplicate folders with _2 at the end


Several days ago I installed WHS 2011 + Stablebit Drivepool (running version and migrated my data over from my WHSv1 server.  I enabled folder duplication on a few of my server folders (that I moved to my drive pool from their default location) and after a few days started noticing these duplicated folders showing up when I browse through my folders on my drivepool.


The folders with the name_2 only have a few of the files that are in the original folder.  When I first saw this I deleted a few of them (hope I didn't mess somethign up).  I tried to find something about this posted, but I couldn't find anything.  If this is tied to the folder duplication process (which I assume it is) I thought it was invisible to the user.  What am I missing?


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Then that would be why, actually.


Specifically, when TeraCopy encounters a duplicate folder or file, it appends _2 to the file name, to avoid merging/overwriting. 


And as you can probably guess, I've ran into this issue as well.


You can rename the folders and remove the "_2" from the folder, and it should prompt you to merge the folders.

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