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Initial burn-in test for new drives?


I'm building a couple new media storage servers.  One for my data and a second for backups.  After months of research into all the various storage systems (freenas, unraid, snapraid, windows storage pools, etc) I was *almost* ready to go with unRAID; the only thing I didn't like about it was Linux (I'm a Windows guy) and if the server failed, I wouldn't be able to stick the hard drives into a Windows PC to retrieve data.   And then today I read an obscure blog post from 7 years ago that mentioned DrivePool and ta-da!!  Exactly what I was looking for!

My first project is a media server, I purchased 4 of the WD 8tb easystore drives to get the Red's inside them.   I want to do a thorough test of these new drives to make sure they're 100% healthy before I put them to work.

What do y'all use for an initial test of a new drive before it goes into a production machine?   It doesn't need to be fancy... something like CCleaner could do a 1 pass "drive wipe" and then check the SMART data afterward for reallocated sectors?



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