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Updated to Windows Fall Creator Update - Lost Pool




I just updated Windows and now DrivePool won't load one of my pools.  I have 4 drives assigned to two pools (two drive per pool), and one pool won't show up in DrivePool on my system. The data is on the drives, including the hidden DrivePool folders, but DrivePool won't recognize the pool data as being on either of the two drives.


When I open DrivePool I can see the two drives in the list, so it looks like I can create a new pool with the two drives, but the original pool can't be seen.


The interesting thing is that the disk management option in Windows shows a new partition as RAW (2TB), as well as a second unallocated partition (2TB) (CoveCubeFS - which I assume is related to DrivePool). I'm not sure where those come from as the missing pool drives are 3TB each, with about 1TB free (they are duplicated with each other in the pool). All drives are accounted for in Windows' disk management tool.


How can I go about getting the pool working again as well as preserving my data?


UPDATE: I just saw another post that had the same issue: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/3228-update-to-fall-creators-update-x64-win-10-all-pools-gone/. Uninstalled DrivePool, rebooted, and reinstalled DrivePool and everything is back to working fine.

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On 11/28/2017 at 9:54 AM, mook06 said:

Ive been having this issue also, but after uninstall - reboot - reinstall - reboot, the drives are still having issues

they show up as (raw) in windows disk managment if i remove the drive letters from them, if i add letters back to the drives, after reboot stablebit will find them again

If this happens again, then running this should fix it, IIRC:

mountvol /n
mountvol /d
mountvol /e


3 hours ago, HellDiverUK said:

Every Win10 upgrade removes my mother's PC's scanner drivers.  Every. Damned. Time. 

So, it's not just Stablebit that have the problem, it happens to Epson too.

Yeah. It nuked Emby and Tomcat (apache, for subsonic) for me, as well.  

Apparently, it removes stuff it doesn't like, without any notice. And it does it inconsistently... and without logs.  It's a load of crap.

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if i can be of any help to get to the bottom of this gimme a yell

system specs, dxdiag or whatever i can do, motherboard in this pc has issues and is older but its had no issues with sata drives as far as i can tell (x79 platform)


EDIT: got my pool working again, i did not have the drives mounted into C: before today, it ran with the drives letter-less for years without issue

simply followed the recommended setup with them mounted into C:/drivepool/wd2/   etc.. working good now and with letters removed again


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