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Reattaching SMB Share

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#1 ironhead65


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Posted 13 September 2017 - 03:11 PM

Hi all,


It is possible what I did is not valid, so hear me out.

I have a local hard drive.  It is attached through a DDWRT converted WIFI router.  I access this over CIFS (\\<router ip>\share).


I tested this out using CloudDrive with drive encryption enabled.  Just to check the speeds / performance.  Very nice!  I was limited by the WIFI link - as expected.

Keep in mind, my reason for doing CloudDrives is to get my photos of my kids out of the house in case of fire.  I have long wanted to also get the videos of my kids out of the house - but without paying for the service, I cannot allocate that much space.  Also, I have a shoestring for internet, so it would take probably until the house DID burn down to get everything uploaded.


  • As I intend to put this 1.5TB drive in my neighbor's house, I thought, why not also toss on Bitlocker?  Just playing around - not like this is going to make it ANY more secure.  
    • This was taking forever over the WIFI link.
  • My next step was to disconnect the drive and attach it locally to my server.  I then re-created the drive and turned on bitlocker.  This took a while to finish as the initial encryption of bitlocker usually does.  It also means that the ENTIRE CloudDrive was written.  So, I have 1.36TB of chunks on that 1.5TB drive.  OK great!
  • This morning, I disconnected the "Local" Drive by unplugging the USB (using proper USB eject).  Then, plugged the router back in and attached this drive.  While I waited for that to boot, I updated the CloudDrive version and reset the server.  I got a notification in RED that said it could not reconnect to the local drive.  I destroyed the local drive as I do not intend to use it like that again.
  • I tested my DDWRT router connectivity using Explorer.  Everything was good.
  • I then added a File Share.  CloudDrive was able to connect to the drive.  Here is where I am stuck.  USUALLY when I reattach existing drives from say Google Drive, or DropBox, if my memory is serving me...I get a menu that allows me to reattach / enter my decrypt key.


With the local share, I do not see that.  I only get the option to create a new drive.  Am I mistaken and I only need to go back through the recreation steps?  I do not want to lose what i have (Bitlocker took a REALLY long time!!).  What are the steps I need to re-add this back in?  I can certainly handle any bitlocker side.  I just want to ensure I get the drive attached without wiping it and starting over.  If I must, I will recreate it, but again, I'd hate to lose what I did with Bitlocker only because of the time investment.  I still do not think it is going to make a difference security wise, and if someone is going to break the AES that CloudDrive puts on there, ok, have fun looking at pictures / video of my kids.



#2 Christopher (Drashna)

Christopher (Drashna)

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Posted 13 September 2017 - 09:35 PM

Make sure you're using the correct share/smb/cifs path here.  If you have, don't include the StableBit CloudDrive folder,


Also, make sure that the files exist on the share, and that there is a "METADATA" folder present somewhere here, and that it has 3-4 files in it. 



Otherwise, try running the StableBit Troubleshooter:



Use "3127" for the contact ID. 

Christopher Courtney

aka "Drashna"

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